Tamara has been singing for many years. We're sure you'll enjoy her singing style! She went much further than anyone else in our group on the Canadian Idol show. When you hear her incredible range and highly professional stylings, you'll surely agree with us that a performer like Tamara comes along once in a lifetime!
  Jeff moved to Calgary in 1989 to pursue a degree in recording engineering and music production. For many years he installed sound and lighting equipment and worked as a technical advisory consultant in this area. He spent 6 years performing as a full-time entertainer throughout Western Canada. He has developed skills on many instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and voice. With Quicksilver, Jeff’s goals are to keep the band sounding great and to continue performing great music in all kinds of different styles!
  Mike grew up in Lethbridge where he first got his start in music. He has been involved in music for over 20 years, professionally over the last 10 years. He has a variety of experiences as a D.J. in nightclubs and private functions. Mike has experience with several different instruments, but has always loved the drums. His favorite part of the entertainment business is performing live and being part of the energy that is created through interaction with all of the participants.
  Clint was born and raised on sports and rock n' roll in Redcliff & Medicine Hat. He moved to Calgary in 1997. He's been playing guitar, singing, and writing songs for over 20 years. He's entertained countless audiences throughout Western Canada. Clint has an Inate ability to emulate many different vocal styles, especially for rock & roll. He absolutely thrives on live performance, and says he requires it (to function properly)!